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You’ve come to the right place to develop yourself as a conscious leader, your teams as conscious teams and your company as a conscious business.

We offer an integrated suite of solutions to develop leaders for the future. The face of business is changing and, with it, we need a new kind of leader.

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These are the leaders who:

  • Lead beyond the self

  • Have developed the mindset to address complex challenges in a world moving at speed
  • Draw on their personal presence to lead others who are demanding greater meaning, values, authenticity and purpose at work
  • Know how to hold the space to allow everyone to bring their ideas and collective intelligence for innovation
  • Can articulate a very different future to the current reality and can harness the capacity of everyone to collaborate to achieve it
We partner with thought leaders across the world to bring you effective solutions, exciting breakthroughs and the latest resources that will broaden your horizons, whether you’re mildly interested or completely inspired by the possibilities of leading and doing business consciously.

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Gina delivered a wonderful keynote on conscious leadership during our annual summit in May. Our customers and partners were delighted that we introduced such an inspirational talk in an otherwise quite technical event. She was refreshing and inspiring and I would highly recommend her if you are considering including a motivational keynote in your event.
Xavier Ginestra, Chairman, Voxel Group

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If you’re mildly interested or completely inspired by the possibilities of leading consciously.

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“An organisation can only be as conscious as its leader, and for the business to evolve, the leader needs to evolve.”
John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market

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