Coaching Questions for Conscious Leaders

 In my experience, there are many coaches and consultants out there who are fans of conscious business and conscious leaders. Whenever we host an event at GCfCL or Conscious Capitalism, the coaches usually outnumber the

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A Tale of Two Leaders

This week I was working out in South Africa. Generally, whenever South Africa and leadership are mentioned in the same breath, Nelson Mandela comes up. And this week was no different. Yet, this time the

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How Do We Take Conscious Capitalism into Emerging Markets?

crapitalism (Photo credit: Jen (Chick Dastardly)) With the release of John Mackey and Raj Sisodia’s new book Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, we have the best template to date designed

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The Coordinates of A Conscious Leader

In exploring what a Conscious Leader leading in a Conscious Business pursuing Conscious Capitalism actually means, the views are ever-evolving and building on one another to form a clearer picture that will light the way

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Conscious Capitalism, Victimhood and Responsibility

One of the most brilliantly acerbic yet honestly observed posts I have recently read about our current state of affairs is ‘Capitalism vs. Capitulation’ from Bret Callentine of the Lakewood Observer. Callentine gives his commentary

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In the World of Conscious Capitalism, Let’s Not Forget the Upcoming Youth

I suspect that, alongside others interested in Conscious Capitalism, I've been so busy watching the activities of Occupy Wall Street with its uprising of young liberals against the hardened moguls of Wall Street, that I've

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Occupy Wall Street is Not the Way to Conscious Capitalism

It was only a matter of time before the young revolutionaries converged in their Occupy Wall Street uprising in reaction to Casino Capitalism and in the name of Conscious Capitalism.  It’s an understandable reaction to

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Ed Miliband and the Conscious Capitalists

Ed Miliband, Conscious Capitalist? I, for one, am applauding Ed Miliband, leader of Labour in the United Kingdom.  While I may not agree with Ed’s approach, he did deliver a glittering riposte to what’s going

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Conscious Leadership Behaviours

Here is a depiction of the conscious leadership and conscious business behaviours distilled from the work of Raj Sisodia and Patricia Aburdene.                      

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