On Surrender

I used to think that surrender was a bad word. I felt my ego rising up inside me fighting against the prospect of giving up control, of making things happen, from within me. I am the captain

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The Quality of Leadership Attention

This week I sat with a CEO of a global company, an extraordinary man who has only recently merged his spiritual self with his business self. For many years, these two sides of himself have

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Coaching Questions for Conscious Leaders

 In my experience, there are many coaches and consultants out there who are fans of conscious business and conscious leaders. Whenever we host an event at GCfCL or Conscious Capitalism, the coaches usually outnumber the

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A Deeper Look into the Conscious Leader

Many of us are familiar with the quote by John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, that an organisation can only be as conscious as its top leader. We’ve seen this wisdom come to light

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The Coordinates of A Conscious Leader

In exploring what a Conscious Leader leading in a Conscious Business pursuing Conscious Capitalism actually means, the views are ever-evolving and building on one another to form a clearer picture that will light the way

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The Conscious Leader

The Conscious Leader is a hub for flow.  This requires being able to recognise and transcend the ego or identity and all its mannerisms that stops the flow.  Taking up a position and being right

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Can Advertising be a Conscious Business?

Prompted by an article by Martin Lindstrom (The Future of Ethics in Branding), I got to thinking about whether that paragon of unethical business, the advertising industry, could indeed make the quantum leap towards ethical

Can Advertising be a Conscious Business?2019-04-25T15:04:37+00:00
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