An intriguing link arrived through my Google alerts this morning: a post about Office Products, Conscious Capitalism and How We Can Make A Difference.  Office supplies and Conscious Capitalism, I thought?

But the post by Tristan Hill at Zuma brought a new level of awareness to the front of my mind that I hadn’t really been thinking about directly very much.  The power that each of us as individual consumers has to support and grow Conscious Capitalism.  And not only the power, but the responsibility.  It’s not really up to the folk at the Conscious Capitalism Institute.  It’s up to each one of us.

I guess I hadn’t really thought about it as starkly as this before, but how much integrity do I have if I am supporting the growth of Conscious Capitalism but not consciously shopping at conscious companies and avoiding unconscious ones?  Ouch.

Each of us has tremendous power to make a difference to the business world that is emerging through our choices as consumers.  And even beyond that, if you subscribe to the view as I do that we are all interconnected, that we can powerfully be the change we want to see in the world as Ghandi put it, and that at some level I am responsible for what goes on in the Whole, then there’s a whole lot of responsibility that goes along with that for each of us as consumers.  Am I willing to take on this responsibility, not 99% but 100%, no back doors?

There are some good companies out there doing great things on the Conscious Capitalism front.  I was amazed to read that Zuma not only follows conscious business practices but gives 50% of their net profits to charities, charities that they invite their customers to select.  That’s taking giving back and your customer relationships seriously second to none.

As ever, our helpful Raj Sisodia’s Firms of Endearment (this text is becoming like the holy book of Conscious Capitalism) points to the other companies (at the time of its publication in 2007) who were conscious companies.  I’m sure there are many more that have developed in the meantime, but for easy reference here they are on one page with a couple more thrown in.

Happy shopping!