Conscious Leadership Programme

In partnership with The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership, and a range of thought leaders from around the world, we offer you an executive leadership programme that develops your capacities as a conscious leader in a peer-led environment. Offered as either an in-house programme for intact leadership teams, or an open programme for individual leaders to learn alongside leaders from other organisations, the Conscious Leadership Programme offers the following features and benefits:


The Conscious Leadership Programme has been designed with the aims of:

  • learning alongside executive-level peers
  • developing yourself as an individual conscious leader
  • developing as a group
  • solving real business and leadership problems together

It is based on the following principles: 

Do + Learn + Apply in your organisation

Try on for size + use what works for you

Bring the best of new thinking

Supported by action learning sets

Shaped according to the needs the group

Through conscious leadership coaching


  • Making sense of what conscious leadership means to you and your particular brand of it
  • Organisational ideas, coaching, support and implementation plans
  • Solving real world challenges
Prepare to see yourself, the world and your organisation in a whole new way.

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“Conscious leadership is about awakening your inherent potential combined with service: how can I take my gifts and give them to the world in a way that makes a difference? This has a certain magnetic quality to it because charisma is from the heart. Doing this awakens the sense of possibility in others as well.”
– Nithya Shanti, former Buddhist monk and conscious leadership consultant.