Conscious Teams

Conscious leaders developing individually through coaching is one thing: the effect is exponential when several conscious leaders develop together as a team. Then, the possibility emerges to take your business to new levels of results and effectiveness.

Conscious Teams involves tailored facilitation, taking the growth of each individual leader and creating a team that works together with more awareness, directly and effectively. The team becomes aware of which ego-based behaviours are showing up that cause it to become stuck. What is undermining the flow of effort and communication? How can team members step up to their greatest levels of power and creativity? What does this team stand for in the eyes of the organisation and its stakeholders? What is its uniting purpose?

Conscious Teams will make team members aware of the unconscious strategies we as human beings adopt to survive in a team setting – those same unconscious strategies that undermine clean, effective results. Armed with awareness and alternative, more effective strategies, the team can manage their relationships consciously, resolve conflict creatively, and take responsibility for the outcomes they want to create, cutting the time between desired results and achieving them.

Conscious Teams is an ideal way of bringing together and amplifying the results from individual executive Conscious Leadership Coaching. It can also be used as a standalone intervention where team members benefit from becoming more self-aware and aware of the ways they interact as a team, without necessarily opting for individual leadership coaching.

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