Leaders Make the Future: Ten New Leadership Skills for an Uncertain World (2012) by Bob Johansen.

Take a fascinating look into the future at what leaders will need to be like to cope successfully with a VUCA (volatile; uncertain; complex; ambiguous) world. Projecting ten years into the future when written in 2012, we can already see some of these trends coming true.

Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness (2014) by Frederic Laloux.

A classic exploration of organisational models at the cutting edge of human evolution. What does it take to be a self-managing, purpose-driven, values-led and holistically-minded organisation? Filled with practical tips and engaging stories from extraordinary field research.

Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit in Business (2014) by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia.

A classic text describing how the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism can be brought to life in real and highly successful organisations. The four pillars are: higher purpose; stakeholder-centricity; conscious leadership; and conscious culture.

4D Leadership: Competitive Advantage through Vertical Development (2015) by Dr Alan Watkins. 

Vertical Development is big news in leaders needing to be fit for purpose in the new world. They are better able to handle complex problems at speed and lead within interconnected systems. This book is a practical guidebook to your own vertical development.

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership (2015) by Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman.

This book calls us towards more conscious leadership through a series of practices, tools and enquiries. It is an excellent source for developing your leadership being and provides provocative keys for moving from leadership based on fear to leadership based on trust.

The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity’s Future (2012) by John Renesch.

John is the grandfather of conscious leadership and his ideas have been around way ahead of their time. In this volume, he poses provocative questions about the way we as humanity take conscious responsibility for creating our future.

Immunity to Change: How to Unlock it and Overcome the Potential in Yourself and Your Organisation (2009) by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey.

Have you ever felt in your goals like you have one foot on the gas and the other foot on the pedal? This book explores the notion of ‘competing assumptions’ to uncover why it might be more difficult to reach your aspirations than you think.

SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence (2014) by Cindy Wigglesworth.

Cindy demystifies the notion of ‘spiritual intelligence’ and, based on robust research, outlines the 21 skills that make it up. We get to see not only that we can develop and evolve our spiritual intelligence, but also how we can do it.

Discover Your True North (2015) by Bill George.

Bill George’s classic text deals with authentic leadership: how to access your personal story to connect to your purpose and values, and how this compass guides you in being an authentic leader.

Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership (2011) by Joseph Jaworski.

A book that expresses perfectly the mystery of connection beyond ourselves that we can tap into to be a truly wise and transformational leader.

The Connected Age: Being the Best You Can by Reinventing Your World (2015) by Sudhakar Ram

Sudhakar is the CEO of Mastek Limited, a multi-national IT company. His book shows perfectly how deep awareness and the ability to think in systems comes together with business savvy and global experience to create wise and conscious leadership.

Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family (2016) by Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia.

Raj explores with the CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, Bob Chapman, how conscious leadership creates a company culture in which everyone thrives, belongs and to which they bring their best efforts.

The Art of Possibility: Transforming Personal and Professional Life (2002) by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander.

The Zander’s inspiring book was way ahead of its time and it is still a timeless source of wisdom for thinking about yourself more consciously and developing your skills in managing yourself with more awareness and optimism.

Reinventing Capitalism: How we broke Money and how we fix it, from inside and out (2015) by Jon Freeman.

Jon Freeman is a consummate systems thinker and sees deeply into the way big systems work. He puts all the pieces on the table in order to build an overview of capitalism and money systems and offers penetrating ideas and questions for how we can fix what’s fundamentally broken.